Colab Series Homes

  • What are the Colab Series homes like and how big are they?

    House sizes vary from builder to builder so you need to check with them at their show homes as to what they have available.

    Most Colab Series homes are three bedroom stand-alone homes.

  • What is the price cap for Colab Series homes?

    At present the price cap is $650,000 for a 3 bedroom home

  • How much of a deposit do I need to purchase a Colab Series home?

    You will need to check this direct with the builders that are delivering Colab Series homes at Lakeside.

  • How do I know if I am eligible to purchase a Colab Series home?

    To be eligible to purchase a Colab Series home, you must:

    • be a New Zealand Citizen, Permanent Resident or Resident Visa Holder who is ‘ordinarily resident in New Zealand’ or married to (or in a civil union or de facto partnership with) someone who is legally able to buy a home in NZ.
    • not purchase the home in the name of a Family Trust, company or nominee;
    • intend to own and live in the home for two years from the settlement date of your purchase.
  • I am a New Zealand citizen but my partner is an Australian citizen. Are we eligible to buy a Colab Series Home?

    Yes. If you are an Australian citizen residing in (and a tax resident of) New Zealand then you are eligible.

  • I am a New Zealand citizen but I am currently living overseas. Am I eligible to purchase a Colab Series Home?

    No. To purchase a Colab Series home, you must reside in (and be a tax resident of) New Zealand.

Change of circumstances

  • What happens if my circumstances change during the two years I need to live at the Colab Series home?

    Sometimes buyers will encounter unexpected changes in circumstances which may mean they have to sell within the two year minimum ownership period. Kāinga Ora understands this. Should there be an unforeseen change in the buyer’s circumstances which means they are no longer able to live in the Colab Series home, the buyer should discuss this by email with Kāinga Ora at If Kāinga Ora considers that the change in circumstances is not a deliberate breach then Kāinga Ora may, at its discretion, give its consent to an earlier sale or other alternative arrangement. By way of example and without limitation, scenarios in which a waiver of the two year ownership requirement may include redundancy, the need to move regions for employment and an unexpected need to accommodate additional family members.

  • Can I buy another home once I have signed the contract for a Colab Series home?

    Yes. There is no restriction on you purchasing another property once you have bought a Colab Series home. However, you will need to retain ownership of and live in the Colab Series home for the minimum ownership period.


  • What if I don’t own a property personally, but am a trustee and/or beneficiary of a family home of my parents? Can I still purchase a Colab Series home?



  • How long are Colab Series homes available for at Lakeside?

    Colab Series is intended to run for the life of the project, approx. 8 years, and will make up around 20% of the total homes built. You can sign up online to receive information on the latest Colab releases.

  • Are Colab Series homes going to be available elsewhere?

    Kāinga Ora is intending to deliver some form of affordable homes in all the projects it is involved with across the Auckland region.

    Check out,, to register your interest on the website and keep up to date with the latest information on the each development.