Discover Lakeside
Lakeside is a new neighbourhood with an easy-going, small town vibe and a warm and welcoming community. Located within easy reach of both Hamilton and Auckland on the shores of Lake Waikare, this neighbourhood has a few hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered!
Ivy’s story
The pandemic spurred Ivy and Ton to swap city life for small town bliss at Lakeside in 2020. They are so happy with their new lifestyle they’ve recently upsized to a bigger home, this time with a view of Lake Waikare.

The couple previously owned a home together in Papatoetoe, Auckland, but Ivy says when COVID-19 came along it changed their life. They had long dreamed of getting out of the city and moving somewhere with a quieter pace and a rural outlook.

“When my employer said, ‘ok, you can work from home from now on’, we put our house on the market the same week.” Ivy works as an accountant and Ton is retired. They were after a home where Ton could step out of the house for a walk and not be met by traffic.

Ivy says they looked on Google Maps for a small town between Auckland and Hamilton and “saw Te Kauwhata slap bang in the middle. We took a leisurely drive there and found Lakeside,” which fitted the bill perfectly.

Their first home at Lakeside was a two-bedroom house which they lived in for three years. They have recently upsized to a three-bedroom home built by Golden Homes. She and Ton paid $650,000 for their home.

Ivy says they each got something they wanted out of the shift. “I got a third bedroom for my home office and Ton got a garage, but we also got the view of the rolling hills and Lake Waikare from the house.”

The couple enjoyed watching the steel framed house go up and are impressed with the quality of their home. They’re delighted with its layout, views and the fact it has a ventilation system. “Golden Homes was a pleasure to communicate with,” says Ivy. They were responsive to requests and worked hard to make sure Ivy and Ton were happy.

The couple love the rural landscape and being part of local events. The annual Te Kauwhata Agricultural and Pastoral (A&P) show is a favourite. “Coming to a farming community is something new for us,” says Ivy. “We have been city dwellers all our lives and we were overwhelmed with happiness when we arrived at Lakeside.”

For Ivy, Lakeside’s hidden gems are the extensive walking paths and her neighbours. She and Ton combine these two into their daily walks around Lakeside, chatting to neighbours and picking up gardening tips. “We don’t have family in New Zealand so neighbours are important to us. They are our immediate family.”

Ivy believes Lakeside offers exceptional value for money. “Ordinary households like ours don’t usually get the chance to live in a place with amazing views like this. And we’re so happy to live somewhere without traffic lights!”
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Walks, water views and a warm community
Lakeside local Ivy’s favourite things about her neighbourhood are the extensive walking paths and her friendly neighbours.
A helping hand to home ownership
Starting the journey of buying your own home can be hard. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide to give you a helping hand into your first home. Download your FREE home ownership guide here.
Explore Lakeside's hidden gems
Cycleways and walking trails

Make the most of the small town pace of life and take a stroll. Wander to the village centre, through the houses to say hi to your neighbours, or down to the lake shore to take in the tranquil view. Six kilometres of boardwalks and walking trails are being added along the lake and through 75 hectares of dedicated nature reserves, so you'll have plenty of beautiful trails to peruse. 

Te Kauwhata township

Lakeside may be a brand new town but only a five minute drive or 20 minute walk away you'll find Te Kauwhata, a classic, rural Kiwi town with friendly locals and a strong community. Pop in to do your shopping or grab a coffee and a bite to eat.

Lakeside Village Centre

The Lakeside Village Centre is the hidden gem at the heart of the community, with a gym and childcare centre already up and running, and a new cafe set to open soon. You’ll be able to take in the views over your flat white, while the kids have fun on the playground right next door. It’s a great place to get to know your neighbours and feel the community spirit that Lakeside is all about.

Homes you’ll love

Lakeside offers beautiful, quality homes at a generally more affordable price point than in nearby Auckland. Built by trusted builders with proven track records, there’s a variety of housing styles and plans, so it’s easy to find the right home for your age and stage of life.

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